Make your reservation through our form

Reservations are exclusively for lunch and dinner service.
For the bar service, we'll welcome you without a booking.


1. First choose the DAY and the NUMBER OF PEOPLE who want to come.

2. The TIMES and ZONES (Living room, Bar or Terrace) that remain available will automatically appear.

3. If the time you are looking for does not come up or it does not let you choose a different number of people, it means that the requested option is fully booked. You must choose another day to find the option you are looking for.

4. Do not select a different number of people than the ones that will actually come.

5. We will not join tables with different reservations. If the option you were looking for does not appear, it is because it is full. This is not the time to get creative :)

6. Each reservation has the table for 1h 45min. After this time, we will need your table for the next shift.

7. If the information you enter is wrong, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation and notify you.

8. Once the reservation is made, you will receive an email instantly, indicating that the reservation has been registered. If you do not receive the email, check that it is not in the junk mail or SPAM folder.

9. Reservations via email or instagram are not accepted.

10. To specify any important requests, please send us an email to letting us know. For example if you come in a wheelchair or if you have a gift card.

11. To offer you a good service, PUNCTUALITY of everyone joining is very important. Please respect this point as much as possible, since we strictly comply with the closing hours of the kitchen and the premises.

12. After 15 minutes, if you have not shown up, your reservation will be cancelled.

*For groups of more than 6 people, please call our contact number and the Contracorrent team will assist you.